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Ranked Ready Valorant Smurf Accounts

Turbosmurfs Valorant Smurf Accounts are fresh level 20 ranked ready accounts for Valorant, you get 2 agents of your choice and full access to the email and account, also comes with lifetime warranty!

Lifetime Warranty

All our valorant accounts comes with lifetime warranty, so you know your purchase is safe.

Ranked Ready

Our Valorant Accounts comes unranked with level 20, ready to be played by you.

2 Agents

The account also comes with 2 agents of your choice, so you can pick what you prefer!

EU - Level 20 Ranked Ready Valorant Account
EU - Gold Valorant Account
EU - Platinium Valorant Account
EU - Diamond Valorant Account
EU - Ascendant Valorant Account
EU - Immortal Valorant Account
NA - Level 20 Ranked Ready Valorant Account
NA - Ascendant Valorant Account
NA - Diamond Valorant Account
NA - Gold Valorant Account
NA - Platinium Valorant Account

What is a Valorant smurf account?

A Valorant smurf account is an alternate account (usually low elo) that allows you to play against low-ranked players and dominate low elo games. Smurfing is very common in Valorant and the majority of players own at least one smurf account that allows them to improve their gameplay mechanics while playing against inferior opposition in low elo.

Why would you buy a Valorant smurf account?

There are numerous reasons why purchasing a smurf account is a stellar idea for any Valorant player


Dominate the opposition

Being the top frag in games simply feels good and you will love to see your name on top of the scoreboard and carry the game


Bad MMR on your main account

MMR can sometimes be very difficult to improve or fix which is why it's sometimes easier to start your ranked journey anew


Take a break from your primary agent

Smurf accounts allow you to test new agents as most players only play up to 3 unique agents when they tryhard in ranked


Play on a new server

You will be able to test your mettle against players on a server you've never played on before


Have a backup account

If your main account ever gets banned, you can start playing again on your smurf account instead of starting your ranked journey from scratch


Try a new role

having a smurf account enables you to try different roles without fear of losing a rank on your main account


Play with low elo friends

If your main account’s rank is too high for you to play with your friends, having a smurf account is a perfect solution


Relax and play without fear

Playing ranked on your main account is often extremely stressful which is why playing on a smurf can help you unwind while stomping unskilled opponents

How to safely buy a Valorant smurf account

The #1 method of safely purchasing a Valorant smurf account is to buy it from a trusted company instead of a shady individual. You have to make sure that the company you’re buying from has plenty of positive reviews from previous customers and secure payment options that ensure your payment information won’t be endangered. Additionally, you should always make sure that the accounts you’re buying have warranties that protect you if your account ever gets banned for botting.

Who do Valorant smurf accounts work the best for?

These types of players have the most benefits of owning a smurf account:


Banned players

Players who have had their main accounts banned in the past always own smurf accounts or buy new ones to avoid leveling


Low elo players

If you’re tired of never ranking up or never carrying your teammates, a smurf account will allow you to feel the joy of being the star of the team while progressing up the ranked ladder


Professional players and Twitch streamers

In order to avoid attention and test out new agents and strategies, professional players such as Tenz and Derke often resort to smurfing


High elo players

Generally, smurfing is most commonly conducted by high elo players who want to relax from their stressful ranked environment by playing against easier opponents