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Best duo comps in LoL Arena




18 Jul

Riot’s newly released Arena mode is certainly one of the most fun ways the player base was able to enjoy League of Legends in years. League is a game that started valuing teamwork highly over the years and since you’re only playing with one teammate, the synergy between you two is essential for your strategy to succeed. This approach opens up a wide array of new possibilities when it comes to players who are creative enough and who want to create a perfect duo comp in which champions synergize with each other. 

Best duo comps in LoL Arena

Nilah and Taric


Nilah is one of those hidden OP champions who becomes extremely effective if paired alongside a support like Taric who enables her to shine. With Taric’s consistent healing and his ultimate which can single handedly turn the tide of a fight, it’s really difficult to pinpoint Nilah and kill her before she starts dishing out damage. The survivability of this duo is further enhanced with Nilah’s ability to heal with her ultimate and dodge auto attacks with W which makes her a threat against any AD champion.

This comp is perfect for a 2v2v2v2 setting as it allows you to perform some clutch outplays, but it also requires a high level of coordination between you and your teammate. The timing of Taric’s ultimate is crucial to the success of this strategy, as well as the positioning of Nilah that allows his E to hit enemies. That being said, if you master this duo comp, you will undoubtedly win dozens of games with this unkillable duo partnership.

Zyra and Heimer


These two pesky mages really benefit from playing with each other and they are a nightmare to face if your champions cannot close down on them. They are extremely powerful against offensive bruisers as they can dish out consistent damage through Zyra’s plants and Heimer’s turrets who relentlessly damage opposing champions. They don’t lack in the CC department either, as both of these champions have an ability that fully impairs a movement of a champion, which often makes them difficult to catch.

 Heimerdinger and Zyra can also gain control of the 2v2v2v2 map very easily with the presence of their pet-like abilities that force opponents to pick out bad fights in poor positions. These champions get even more annoying once they complete Zhonya’s, as you need to push through two Zhonya activations while also being damaged by dozens of plants and turrets. 

Mordekaiser and Jax


We mean no offense to Jax, but in Jax’s place you can put plenty of other champions that excel in a 1v1 combat situation, most notably Kha’Zix. That is because Mordekaiser, with his ultimate, creates a completely different landscape in which there are two 1v1s instead of a 2v2. For this reason, it’s crucial to pick a champion that can consistently win 1v1s or at least deal a lot of damage before dying, so Mordekaiser can clean up after killing anyone he decides to cast his ultimate on. 

 Mordekaiser is undoubtedly the key flavor in this duo recipe as he’s one of the most broken champions on the 2v2v2v2 mode given that he refreshes his ulti cooldown before every round. However, there is a reason why Jax is the primary pick with Mordekaiser and it’s because of his ability to adapt his approach based on the champion he’s fighting. If you’re fighting an AD champion with Jax, his E will out-trade any AD bruisers and if you need to catch an AP champion you will blink to them with your Q. 

Poppy and Alistar


The primary reason why this combo is extremely lethal in a skirmish-like setting like this is the fact that both of these champions are nearly unkillable. Once Alistar ults, he receives only a portion of the damage he’d naturally take, which makes him particularly strong against certain champions who lack a consistent source of damage. Similarly, Poppy is naturally extremely tanky while she manages to dish out consistent physical damage with her Q which has a fairly low cooldown.

Scaling is not a matter of concern when you’re playing this comp as you can choose to pick up tanky items which reward you for continuously brawling with opposing champions. Their kits naturally synergize with each other as you’re able to continuously CC and pin down opposing champions who try to flee. Last but not least, some of the late-game augments currently present will greatly increase your tankiness and durability throughout extended fights.

Singed and Cassiopeia


Poison comps like this are very frustrating to play against and Twitch can often be substituted for one of these champions. These champions mainly mix well with each other because of their Poison synergy which amplifies their combined damage, shredding their opponents in the process. Both of these champions mix well with each other, as Singed is the frontline of the strategy who runs around, disrupting the opponents and displacing them with his W. Additionally, Singed can use his Fling to toss the opponents into the Death Ring which gives him an upper hand in late game combat. 

On the other hand, Cassiopeia is the main damage dealer that stays in the backline and deals persistent magic damage with her spells which have very low cooldowns. Furthermore, she is able to peel for herself and annoy melee champions with her Miasma and Ultimate which act like incredible disengage tools.

Zilean and Aatrox


Zilean works well with a myriad of champions that have a high level of sustain while dishing out consistent damage and frontlining the fight. Aatrox fits perfectly in this role, as his kit provides him with ridiculous amounts of passive healing which can often turn the tide of a lost fight. He can further amplify his healing by abusing powerful items such as Goredrinker who find their best usage in extended fights which often naturally occur on the 2v2v2v2 battlefield.

However, Aatrox’s sustain and ability to engage in extended fights reach a completely different level once he gets ulted by Zilean. Just imagine having to kill Aatrox twice while he is able to fully recharge his cooldowns and Goredrinker. To add salt to the wound, Zilean can completely control fights with his E that can speed up him or Aatrox as well as slow down opponents which Aatrox can then easily hit with his Q’s slashes.

Kai’sa and Teemo


The power of these two ranged champions primarily lies in their versatility and the ability to adapt their build paths depending on their opposition. Both champions can alter their builds between AP and AD heavy ones, as well as AP on-hit and AD on-hit variants. Teemo’s blind is a very powerful tool that can often save Kai’sa from opponents who are trying to close her down.

 There is a reason why this 2v2v2v2 duo has the highest level of success on PBE and it’s because of the damage Kai’sa can dish out while being protected by Teemo blinds. If you choose to go AP as Kai’sa, you will deal unparalleled damage to tanks and you’ll be able to poke your foes from a distance. Regardless of the build though, while Kai’sa is the primary carry, Teemo cannot be left unaddressed as he’s also very potent, especially once he builds a few items. It’s hard to talk about Teemo’s strengths without mentioning the power of his shrooms which deal incredibly high damage, annoy opponents, and assert map control.

Taric and Master Yi


 Taric makes his second appearance on the list with a well-known suspect who he has often terorrised low elo with. We’re, of course, referring to Master Yi and the synergy these two possess on the Summoner’s Rift perfectly translates to the Arena setting, especially once they both unlock their ultimates. This strategy is almost unbeatable in the late game, which is a blessing given that both of these champions get to scale very quickly in the 2v2v2v2 and they obtain items much faster than they naturally would. 

One of the biggest selling points of this strategy is the synergy between the two champions which is fundamentally based on Taric’s ultimate which makes both of them invulnerable for a few seconds. Throughout the duration of the ultimate, Yi will charge at the opponents and shred through them as he’s one of the champions with the highest DPS, especially later on. To make his job easier, Taric will provide them both with healing, protective stats as well as consistent CC which makes this duo a force to be reckoned with.

Jayce and Nidalee


This duo is certainly one of the most potent ones if played correctly, which can prove to be a difficult task since both of these champions have a really high skill cap. The strategy behind these picks is to create a poke comp that would damage opponents from afar before engaging in close combat. Even though they prefer fighting their foes from afar, the fact that both Jayce and Nidalee are shapeshifters allows them to adapt to various forms of combat.

Another key advantage of this comp is the ability to deal both magic and physical damage, which makes itemizing against these two champions very awkward. In addition, Nidalee’s traps provide these two champions with a decent level of map control which is very scarce in this game mode. Last but not least, Jayce can also perform some ridiculous plays with his E in the late game as he kicks the opponents into the death ring.

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