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Best LoL Arena Augments




25 Jul

Innovation is the essential aspect of every video game which is why Riot keeps League fresh with frequent updates to the game’s mechanics. The newest game mode on the PBE, LoL Arena completely changes the way the game is played with the introduction of permanent buffs named augments. These powerful tools allow you to innovate and try new playstyles on your favorite champions, which is why it is crucial to understand how to use the Arena’s augments to their fullest.


What are LoL augments?

The basics

During the buying phase, every few rounds you will be presented with three augments, one of which you can choose to bind to your champion. These augments provide your champion with a permanent boost in a form of a passive stat or a powerful active ability. Generally speaking, they are very impactful upon selection, with some of them having the potential to completely change games and make certain champions overpowered.

Throughout the flow of the game, you will gain access to three types of augments:

  • Silver augments 
  • Gold augments
  • Prismatic augments 

These augments can be unlocked multiple times and you will have 4 augments by the end of the round. If you don’t like any of the augments you received, you can reroll the entire wheel and you get two rerolls per match (you can use multiple rerolls at once). 

It’s worth mentioning that all augments in 2v2v2v2 are useful, the augments you end up picking simply depend on your playstyle, preference, and champion selection. That being said, there are certain augments in each one of these rarities which are very strong in almost every setting.

Best LoL arena augments

Best silver augments


Fallen Aegis   


This augment bestows its user with Morgana’s black shield for the first 15 seconds of the game, not only protecting you from CC abilities but from magic damage as well. This silver augment is generally very useful as it seems that multiple AP champions are going to be popular in the Arena, namely Teemo who sometimes struggles to fight against an opponent with a Black Shield. 


Fallen Aegis is a solid choice for both melee and ranged champions which makes it a versatile early game option that scales well into the late game as well where it can completely change the course of a fight.



When it comes to Executioner, his versatility is the main selling point as the augment simply gives you 15% more damage on targets below 50% health. Additionally, you reset your basic cooldowns upon getting a takedown which can be clutch, especially in a late game setting.

The buff’s simplicity is its main strength as the damage buff is useful on a myriad of champions, even those whose main job isn’t to consistently dish out damage as it’s something that will consistently follow you throughout the match. However, heavy damage dealers enjoy this rune the most as it helps them one-shot squishy targets as well as deal more damage to injured tanks.

Sweet Tooth


As far as defensive Silver augments go, Sweet Tooth takes the cake as it is one of the most useful tools that helps almost every champion out there. Its effect is that the healing you would normally receive from the Power Flower is increased by 50% and you receive 50 gold upon hitting it. The Power Flower is the new plant in the 2v2v2v2 mode and managing this plant and playing around it is an essential aspect of the game mode.

Basically, every champion benefits from having this augment because it will never be useless. It also scales well as this type of effect is very useful throughout the entire game as these Power Flowers can often singlehandedly dictate the outcome of a game.

Infernal Soul


The Infernal Soul’s effect is pretty self-explanatory as it simply provides your champion with the Soul’s effects until the end of the game. This augment will greatly increase your damage throughout the course of the game as you will gain a permanent stat boost along with a fiery AoE splash when you damage the opponents.

Every soul is available in the Silver augment rarity, but we feel that this Soul makes the most impact and is the one that’s applicable to most champions.

Best gold augments


Defensive Maneuvers 


Unlike the augments we’ve previously talked about, Defensive Maneuvers provide you with an active boost instead of a passive one that triggers upon activation. When you activate this augment which takes a Summoner Spell spot, you and your teammate gain the effects of the Barrier and Heal spells. 

Defensive Maneuvers is a very powerful boost and it can be a real difference-maker if you’re in a close fight where a single, let alone two Summoner Spells can make a huge difference. It’s very simple to use, but its effectiveness greatly depends on how good the timing of its activation is, given that you want to wait to use it as long as possible and surprise opponents in a clutch moment.



Our second gold augment we’ll talk about is another summoner spell replacement which is very powerful if used properly. Vanish is an active augment that turns your champion invisible for a few seconds upon activation. Needless to say that this augment is extremely powerful in many 2v2v2v2 scenarios and its main users are assassins who want to sneak up on their opponents or damage dealers who are trying to escape from bruisers chasing them down.

That being said, the true power of Vanish is the fact that it allows you to be very creative in your strategic approach. You will be able to surprise your opponents and catch them off guard by appearing out of nowhere with champions who don’t normally have any stealthy abilities.



We make our way back to passive augments with Firebrand, which is an augment that continuously burns the opponents you damage, stacking infinitely. It’s easiest to imagine this augment as a very powerful version of Twitch’s passive that continuously shreds down opponents in combat. 

Firebrand is very powerful in a lot of situations regardless of the opposition, but this augment makes the biggest impact if used against a tank duo that is stacking HP and resistances. However, Firebrand can also be used if you’re the one piloting a tank or a bruiser champion, as it gives you the upper hand in extended fights with other tanky damage dealers.

Restless restoration


Restless restoration is one of the best defensive augments which acts like a permanent health potion, passively healing you while you’re moving your champion. Its main power lies in its simplicity and versatility, given that it’s useful at practically every period of the round, especially as the ring starts closing in and where every life point starts to matter.

Restless restoration can be picked up by every champion, however, tanky champions like Mundo who like to go where they please harness the most out of this Warmong-like augment. Additionally, as the healing is based on the number of units traveled, champions with extreme movement speed boosts can abuse this augment as they’ll get naturally healed for a larger amount.

Best Prismatic augments




Undoubtedly one of the most interesting and amusing augments added in Arena is the Chauffeur augment, which binds you and your ally together for the duration of the combat. Upon activation, Chauffeur binds you to your ally after which you can no longer move on your own, providing you with a boost to ability haste and attack speed in the process. 

However, the most important effect is the fact that your bonus move speed that you’d usually get is also granted to your ally. As a result, hilarious Zilean comps have popped out of nowhere and they’re very difficult to deal with as you simply can’t match the move speed Zilean brings to the table.

Feel the Burn


This active augment replaces your Summoner Spell and casts both Ignite and Exhaust on all nearby enemy champions. Both of these Summoner Spells are very powerful, as Ignite provides some decent damage as well as the Grievous Wounds passive which helps take care of the heavy healers. 

Exhaust is usually the more impactful of the two though, because it can completely cripple certain champions in 2v2v2v2 who rely on short periods of burst damage as it reduces the damage output of the affected champion. Furthermore, the slow of Exhaust can be very important in late-game fights where you’re trying to pin someone down or escape from a pesky opponent that’s chasing you.

Mad Scientist


This augment is extremely potent as almost every champion in the game can find good usage of its abilities. There are two boosts that Mad Scientist can give you at the beginning of the round, one of which makes your champion larger and gives it health and AD while the other one makes your champion smaller, giving it MS and ability haste. 

These stats are useful on virtually every class in the game which is why you can never go wrong with picking it. The only frustrating aspect of this augment is that sometimes you would wish for the other effect instead of the one you received, which also makes it fun and unpredictable to use.



The last augment we’ll talk about is one of the most powerful and fun ones to use which is Omni-Soul. Once you acquire this augment, you will get 3 (yes three!) random dragon souls before the start of every round. 

It’s needless to say how much of a boost for basically any champion this is unless you get extremely unlucky and get 3 specific souls which aren’t particularly useful in a given situation. In any other case though, you will feel very fortunate that you’ve acquired this augment since there will be scenarios in which these souls will be the difference maker that often wins you the game.

Despite knowing the ins and outs of the most powerful augments, getting a good score and winning in the Arena can be a tough task. If you keep losing games and you’re getting frustrated, don’t hesitate to check out the best boosting website in the world at Turboboost.gg.


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